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Technical Specifications

Plug and Play

Simple installation, without much previous experience.

Integrated Mill

Processing of raw materials creates regional added value and support for local agriculture.

Environment Friendly

SOLARBAKERY saves CO2, as the usual diesel generators do not have to be used here.

Energy Self-Sufficient

Bake anywhere regardless of the infrastructure, thanks to solar panels and batteries.

High Production Capacity

With 100% renewable Energy you can bake up to 3,000 breads per day*

*the exact number can vary depending on the solar energy on site

Return of Investment in the 4th Year

In regular operation, the purchase price of the SOLARBAKERY already pays off in the 4th year*

*based on Data of our project in D.R. Congo. Details on demand.

Personalized Planning

Optimal planning of the baking process deppending on your personal installation situation

No Planning Effort for You

SOLARBAKERY takes on operational, financial and energy planning. SOLARBAKERY supplies all components for an immediately operational bakery

High Savings Potential

Save over $ 5,000 annually in energy bills compared to grid electricity *

*reference: Pilot project in D.R. Congo

SUSTAINABLE. EMpowering. delicious.

Baked Goods

Discover The Baked Goods Your SOLARBAKERY Can Produce


Seed and Grain Rolls

Using locally grown ingredients SOLARBAKERY offers healthy and nutritious varieties of seed and grain based rolls



An absolute Classic – Appreciated all around the world, especially in francophone Africa, and surely at the heart of SOLARBAKERY



A variety of Pastries can be produced in the current version of the SOLARBAKERY-Container – even more coming with the SOLARBAKERY-Patisserie!

Who can Benefit from Us

African businessman in the city


Non-Profit Organisations

Bread Lovers

Our Partners

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