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Changing the world with mobile, solar powered bakeries

SOLARBAKERY is the world’s first provider of fully equipped, mobile and energy independent container bakeries.

These innovative bakeries can be purchased with individual branding, rented as part of a franchise system, and will also be operated by SOLARBAKERY. Our socio-entrepreneurial approach guarantees fair working conditions at our locations. Market Entry Phase 1: Subsahara Africa – Market Entry Phase 2: Worldwide Roll-Out.

Our goal is a global network of sustainable bakeries which bring value creation, jobs and perspectives to the regions of the world where infrastructure is insufficient.
In the increasing global demand for bread, we see a sustainable, impactful and profitable way to achieve this goal.

Four steps to Your success

Consultation & Analysis

Market analysis of the target area

Production & Shipping

The right SOLARBAKERY for your needs. Shipped ready for use to your desired location.

Training & Support

We will help you get your bakery up and running.

Impact & After sales

With your SOLARBAKERY you create jobs and perspectives in your target region

Added Value

Social & Sustainable

no hunger icon

Zero Hunger

Up to 3.000 nutritious breads per day and bakery

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Gender Equality

Independent Income through selling for up to 100 women per SOLARBAKERY.

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Clean & Affordable Energy

Clean, renewable and affordable solar energy

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Economic Growth

Every SOLARBAKERY creates up to 120 Jobs and boosts local value chains


Climate Action

Every SOLARBAKERY saves 19,710 kg CO2 per year, that's equal to 54 kg CO2 per day.


Our SOLARBAKERY is transportable and can be used at any location.


It can be used worldwide, even in remote places with little or no infrastructure, where the sun is sufficient.

Environment Friendly

Thanks to solar power, SOLARBAKERY saves approx. 54 kg of CO2 every day.

Cost saving

A SOLARBAKERY saves € 15,000 in energy costs per year compared to conventional operation with diesel generators.


SOLARBAKERY can be made ready for use after arrival, without mechanical use.

Regional Added Value

Processing of raw materials and support for local agriculture through our own integrated mill.


Our Impact


We create jobs and perspectives and at the same time show ourselves as an inspiring role model for sustainable, social, self-sustaining business ideas.


We have the vision of a world in which all people live in harmony with the sustainability goals and can build a livelihood under fair working conditions, as well as finance the education of their children.



Our success Story in D.R. Congo

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