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Technische Spezifikationen

Plug and Play

Worldwide transport, ready-to-use

Integrierte Mühle

Verarbeitung von lokalen Rohstoffen und Getreide fördert regionale Wertschöpfung und Landwirtschaft.

Hohes Einsparungspotenzial

Über 5.000$ an Energiekosten jährlich gegenüber Netzstrom sparen*

*siehe Vergleichsprojekt in D.R. Kongo


Mit Solarzellen und Batterie überall unabhängig von Infrastruktur backen 

Hohe Produktionskapazität

Mit 100% erneuerbaren Energien bis zu 3.000 Brote/Baguettes pro Tag backen*

*genaue Anzahl kann je nach Sonnenenergie vor Ort variieren


Mit Solarstrom jeden Tag ca. 54 kg CO2 einsparen*

**im Vergleich zu fossilen Brennstoffen

Personalisierte Planung

Optimale Planung der Backabläufe für ihre persönliche Einbausituation

Kein Planungsaufwand

SOLARBAKERY übernimmt Betriebs-, Finanz- und Energieplanung und liefert alle Komponenten für eine sofort betriebsfähige Bäckerei takes on operational, financial and energy planning. SOLARBAKERY supplies all components for an immediately operational bakery

Return of Investment im 4. Jahr

Im Regelbetrieb zahlt sich der Einkaufspreis der SOLARBAKERY schon im 4. Jahr ab*

*basierend auf dem Projekt in D.R. Kongo. Details auf Anfrage.

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Erkunden Sie die Backwaren, die Ihre SOLARBAKERY herstellen kann


Seed and Grain Rolls

Using locally grown ingredients SOLARBAKERY offers healthy and nutritious varieties of seed and grain based rolls



An absolute Classic – Appreciated all around the world, especially in francophone Africa, and surely at the heart of SOLARBAKERY



A variety of Pastries can be produced in the current version of the SOLARBAKERY-Container – even more coming with the SOLARBAKERY-Patisserie!

Wer von uns profitieren kann

African businessman in the city
As an entrepreneur, SOLARBAKERY allows you to open your own businesses independently of infrastructure. By buying or renting, you get a turnkey business as a source of income, which in turn you can use to finance your own projects or your life. Solar energy saves you significant amounts in operating costs, compared to diesel generators/grid power. You also create jobs and locally improve the quality of life.


Tired of donation dependency and limited opportunities? With SOLARBAKERY, projects can be financed in a sustainable way and the bakeries refinanced. After the payment of the jobs created by you, there is still enough money left for the financing of educational projects, construction projects, animal welfare or other projects of any kind. The environment is important to you? Very good, to us too! That's why the bakeries run on solar power.

Non-Profit Organisations

As a bread lover, SOLARBAKERY gives you access to handmade, wholesome baked goods. Whether in places with high demand and little supply, only industrially produced bread, little infrastructure, in metropolises or at festivals - we are there for you. We pay attention to long dough processing and the use of nutrient-rich flour, creating a product that is better than the competition's (often industrially manufactured) - all at regional market prices.


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